3 Months!

Julia Claire is 3 months old! Time is flying by with our little girl, she is getting so big. According to our bathroom scale she weighs 12 pounds.

Over the holiday weekend we went out to Cox Arboreteum to get some pictures of Julia to celebrate her 3 month birthday. Brian did an awesome job!

Nature Baby

Julia's favorites/new things:
-Loves listening to Daddy play guitar
-Loves looking at herself in the mirror
-Laughs at Mommy dancing around the kitchen

-She is eating 5 ounces every 3-4 hours and sleeping 12 hours each night.


Lauren said...

Yeah for Julia! She is a super sleeper like Caleb. It is amazing how fast time is passing and how big our babies are getting.

Brian did do an awesome job with the pictures. I hope you get some framed.