Playing catch up!

Ok, it is been way too long since I've written. I guess I've been sort of busy...

Julia is now 2.5 months old! We cannot believe how fast she is growing. Fun new things include: big smiles in the morning, laughing at Daddy when he does goofy things, sleeping longer periods of time at night (yay!) recognizing the faces on her animals and smiling at them, grabbing and reaching for her binky, toys, or animals and lots of awake time during the daytime. We are having so much fun playing with Julia and watching her develop new skills everyday.

Here she is at 2 months, weighing 10 pounds 2 ounces.

Brian started taking some classes at Miami. We realized that he was able to take some classes for free since having Julia. He is now a "non-traditional" student due to his age and having a child. Unfortunatley, the government will only give him money for school for one semester, so he is just taking a few classes for fun. Then he will graduate with his history degree and be done with college. He is taking digital photography, an appalachian music course, a course about national parks and a history course. I think that he will have a lot of fun in his classes. I'll admit that I'm kind of jealous of him. (not the studying and homework part though!)

I'm starting to work more in the next few weeks. I've only worked two days since Julia was born. In September I think I am working about 6 days. I have 3 days lined up for October so far. I'm so glad that I don't have to leave Julia every day! I missed her terribly the last time that I worked. While it is fun to be around adults and do something that I love, it is still so hard to be away from Julia. I don't know how full time working moms do it-I guess they do it because they have to. I'm so very thankful for my wonderfully flexible job!

Well, hopefully I'll be able to keep up with my blog a little bit better in the next few weeks.


Lauren said...

I am so glad Julia is thriving. She is going to have so much fun exploring the world as she grows! It is so exciting to watch babies change.

We are both lucky to have pretty flexible work schedules. I can't imagine missing Caleb more than I already do! They are only little for such a short time.