Tried it!

I have decided that I will start adding reviews of different eco-friendly products that I have tried. Not only will this help me think of something to write on here, but it might actually help a reader. (If anyone actually reads this thing besides my husband and mom!) 

I thought that I would start with something that I use everyday-the Klean Kanteen
I have the 18 oz. size in green. Brian has a huge 40 oz. one that is stainless steel.  Awesome features include: -BPA free, including the cap -Doesn't retain flavors or odors -slim design -Made from high quality food grade stainless steel (#304 if you are into specifics) -Dishwasher safe
 -Durable -Easy to carry loop on cap 

The slim design of my 18 ouncer makes it easy for me to carry with me everyday. I simply toss it in my purse and go. I also discovered that it fits nicely on the side of my new baby bag.  The one downside to the klean kanteen is that it collects some condensation on the outside when you put cold liquids in it, this isn't too big of  a deal to me but to some it might be. I love that I don't have to buy tons of bottles of water anymore, I just fill it up with filtered water and I'm all set. 

You can purchase klean kanteens online and now at several retail stores. Brian bought mine for me as a Christmas present at Dick's sporting goods. I have also noticed that two local stores; Great Miami Outfitters in Miamisburg and Green Living in Yellow Springs are now carrying the Klean kanteens.  
The price for the 18 ounce bottle is around $16 and well worth it. So, if anyone out there is looking for a new reuable bottle I highly recommend the Klean Kanteen. Chose your favorite color and the perfect size for your needs and I'm certain that you will be one pleased customer!

Oh, I forgot to mention-they also make a tiny 12 ounce "Kid Kanteen." Complete with a sippy spout made by Avent. I can't wait to get a pink one for Julia! 


    hulalula said...

    We use the sippy cup version for Rebecca and we love them!
    I've never bought one for myself but next time I need a water bottle this is the one I'm getting.

    Melinda said...

    Megan, I saw one at Walgreens last week for under $5. It was the same brand you use, looked the same, too.

    Lauren said...

    I would love one, but I wonder if it would fit in the cupholder of my stroller. Didn't you say yours did not?

    Megan said...

    It fits, just not real nicely. I really don't know what would fit in that cup holder though-it is small! I wonder if your stroller has the same size cup-holders as mine? We'll have to compare.