The love of strangers...

For the past year or so I have been involved in an online community sponsored by the same folks who hosted my wedding web page. (Remember that on theknot.com?) This online community has several message boards available to connect with other women going through the same things that you might be going through at a specific time in your life.  
I belong to the one called  "The Eco-friendly Family" I chat with women about all sorts of topics; from raising a family with eco-friendly values to cleaning your home with natural products. They have always been such a wealth of knowledge and supportive group for me, and I hope that I contribute my best to all of them as well. 

After Bella's accident these women joined together and devised a plan to sell some handmade items in Bella's honor. The items are being auctioned off on Hyenacart  and the money earned will go towards our emergency vet bills. 
I cannot even begin to express how thankful I am for this group of women. Just thinking about it makes me tear up! The support and love is abounding...I just hope that some day soon I am in a position to give back to them. 

Visit the website and read the action information. It ends on June 5th and there are some pretty awesome things for sale! http://hyenacart.com/EcoNest/index.php?vid=3046&category=1


Lauren said...

Wow! That is awesome Meg! There are some great, generous ladies out there. Now to check out the goods!