30 weeks!

Yesterday marked 30 weeks into my pregnancy! Brian and I still cannot believe how fast my pregnancy has gone. Besides a little heartburn or a few random aches and pains, everything has been pretty normal. I am very grateful for that! I do feel like my belly is growing more and more as each week goes by. We love watching Julia move around, she is getting so big and strong. We can now see and feel her moving on both sides of my stomach at the same time, signs that she is getting longer. I'm still betting on a small little panda bear, my guess is around 6 pounds.

Well, if anyone is wondering about Daisy, we have found her a new home. At the Eversole house! We just couldn't resist her squishy hersey chocolate face. We took her to the vet and got all her shots and had the dr. check her out, he says that she is in perfect health and is very happy to that she is in good hands. Bella is having a blast playing with her and of course, being a bit of a bully. We are certain that Daisy will become a great member of our family, she has already brought us so much love.

Today I am 30 weeks, 1 day pregnant. 68 days to go...

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Jill said...

What a cute belly! :o)

Lauren said...

It does seem like your pregnancy has gone by fast. It seems like you just told me! Won't be long now. I bet you have a peanut too. Caleb wasn't that big either.