On a rainy Thursday morning this sweet girl showed up at my back door. Brian couldn't resist her chocolate face, so we have been taking care of her for the past few days. Bella absolutely loves playing with her, although she does get annoyed when she's had enough rough-housing.

We've taken up to calling her Daisy. She is all puppy; gangley legs, un-sure of size, using the house as a potty, sloppy drinking-puppy. As much work as she is I'm starting to warm up to her. (Not that I'm the one doing the "work"thankfully that is Brian's territory.)

We've been looking all over for her owners, who apparently aren't looking for her. Brian made several calls to all the shelters near by, took her to the vet and scoured the web for lost dog adds. Nothing. The vet checked for a microchip and tested her positive for round worm. My husband got the joy of seeing these worms up close and personal, yuck! We have three days of medication to give to her and then she goes back to make sure everything is cleared up. No microchip either.

Of course Bella's vet thinks that we should keep her and that she would make the perfect addition to our growing family. I'm not convinced...yet. Dogs are expensive, especially big ol' dogs. Together they would cost around $45 a month just in food! Then there is the cost of getting her spayed, up to-date on shots and on monthly flea, tick and heart worm pills.

On the other hand, she has the sweetest disposition, and is already learning the rules around here. She goes to the crate when told and sits and waits patiently for her food. She would also provide some good playtime and entertainment for Bella, especially once Julia arrives and Mom and Dad are occupied.

If we do keep her poor Brian will be severely outnumbered. That will make 6 girls-2 hens, 2 dogs, 1 wifey, and 1 baby girl-that he has to take care of. Can he handle all the estrogen?!

I guess we will take care of Daisy for the next few days while we make a decision. I will not take her to a kill shelter though, maybe a lab rescue group will take her and find her a nice home. Maybe she just needs to live with us....

28 weeks and 6 days pregnant, 78 days to go. 
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jennifer said...

Aww, she is beautiful! I'm sure that you guys will make the right choice for your family, and for her. Give her some love for me, poor sweet thing!

MC said...

Well, I am a sucker for pooches, so my vote is for you to keep her! I think you are right when you say that she would help Bella through the transition of having a baby enter the picture. She's looks like such a sweetie!