Girl Power!

Bella has been so in-tune with my pregnancy, it is amazing really. I'm sure that she knew something was up before we even found out that we were expecting our baby girl. She has always been a super lovey dog-she thinks that she is a lap dog and of course sleeps right in the middle of Brian and I every night. I wouldn't change a thing about our first baby and I certainly couldn't imagine my home without her.
Any time we put her paw on my belly her eyes get really big and she looks right into my eyes. She is very aware of what is going on. I really hope that she is good with the baby and doesn't get too jealous. She is the jealous type. Anytime I'm sitting on Brian's lap she comes and jumps right in the middle of us, she can't stand not getting any attention.

In other news- I'm 21 weeks along! We are having an orientation and hospital tour tomorrow night, which I'm sure will make everything seem even more real. Current symptoms include: Awful heartburn- no matter what I eat or what time of the day. It is pretty constant. Sore legs-this is a new one this week. My legs hurt from about knee down, I hope that they don't end up swollen and yucky. They just plain hurt!

Mom took me shopping yesterday and bought me some really cute shirts. (Thanks Mom!) I thought that since being pregnant I would be over my normal shopping dilemma of not fitting into anything. I was wrong! We picked out so many cute shirts, and still only a handful of them fit. It is kind of nice to be limited to a few stores though, and the maternity styles are actually cute now! I'm excited to have a little bit of a belly to show off in my new clothes. Pretty soon I'm going to have to retire my tummy sleeve and get some maternity pants. For now, the stretchy tube of fabric is working out great.

The last thing to share is that we have decided on a name for our little panda bear. She will be Julia Claire Eversole. Stay tuned for a video of Brian playing her a special song with her name in it!

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jennifer said...

Awww! Dogs really are amazing, special creatures. I understand what you mean - Teddy is very in tune with our emotions and what is going on with us, too. If we are excited, he gets so happy. If either of us is ever crying he will jump up and try to lick our tears away.

Julia Claire is a beautiful name. Can't wait to meet her!

Lauren said...

It is so true about animals picking up things. Even Belle knew something was up. She is pretty shy, but during the last few months of my pregnancy she was on my lap every time I sat on the couch. I love, love her name!! It is so feminine and will grow with her. Makes me tear up thinking of what a miracle our babies are. I can't wait to see you and your beautiful belly! It is growing!

Melinda said...

Megan, that picture makes you look bigger than you are in person!