Cloth diaper registry

Brian and I have had a busy week. I had to do an overnight stay in Indy for work and Brian was able to go with me.  Brian kept me entertained as well as being my personal driver. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time.  I'm so glad that I married such a funny (and smart, and handsome, and talented) man! 

 We spent our free time in the hotel watching cable tv. I think I watched about 4 episodes of bringing home baby on tlc and a couple of Jon and Kate plus 8! Brian was all about the history channel while I was working.  I'm glad that we don't have cable at home-I think we would both waste alot of time in front of it, turning our brains to mush! 

I set up a cloth diaper registry for Julia this morning. I'm not sure that many will even look at it since you have to buy online. I did have fun picking out cute diapers for our little girl! The website is www.jilliansdrawers.com Click on "Gifts" along the top, then chose "gift registries" on the side. To find our list you have to put in my email address (which makes it even harder for people to find, I don't like this feature)  smithmn1@gmail.com
If anything, take a look at all of the cute diapers that they have come out with now. These are far from the pieces of cloth and pins that Grandma used to use! 

I have my next appointment with the midwife tomorrow morning. I'll be meeting the third midwife in Margie's group, her name is Lisa. I hope that we like her just as much as Margie and Cat. I'll be sure to report back weight gain, Julia's progress, and a belly picture! :)