20 weeks

Brian and I just got home from Caleb's 1st birthday party. He was so cute smashing his cake all over his face and belly. It is hard to believe that a year ago we were at the hospital meeting him for the first time. I am very lucky to call his Mama my friend. Lauren-how fun is it going to be to watch our kids grow up together?!!

This morning I ordered my first official pink item for little Miss Panda Bear. I got an XS thirsites diaper cover in raspberry pink. We are thinking that she will be pretty small, so I needed to order at least one more diaper cover in the XS size. I couldn't resist the sale on the thristies outlet website, especially when I saw the raspberry color. 

This picture is of me and Bella at 20 weeks, time is flying by! I'm feeling really well and getting lots of kicks from our little girl


Lauren said...

I am so glad you guys could come to Caleb's party. It turned out pretty well. And yes it will be so fun to have kiddies that can grow up together. You are halfway there!

jennifer said...

I can't believe you are halfway! How fun to get to buy PINK stuff!