Happy Valentines Day!

Well Brian and I have had an eventful Valentines Day! We aren't really into buying gifts for eachother and celebrating like most of the world does with expensive dinners and fancy outings. Plus neither of us really need any thing. 

So, today we got some chickens! Brian has been begging to raise chickens for the last year, but I haven't been willing to go buy them and all their gear. Last week a girl that I work with mentioned that we could have a few from their flock, I couldn't resist the offer. 

So, here they are. We named the red one Scarlet and the black and white one BeeGee. They are scratching away and seem to be very happy here! 


Melinda said...

Hmm, I wonder who BeeGee is named after!! Actually, I she is pretty!

I'm glad you got an update on your blog!

jennifer said...

Awesome! They are so cute!

We'll be expecting some eggs soon... ;)

Jill said...

I've always wanted to have some chickens - fresh eggs just seem WAY better than storebought ones! Although, we live in town and I don't think it's legal to have them in town? Someday we'll live in the country...we hope.

Megan said...

Jill- we live in town too...it's legal. You just can't have animals with hooves, like goats and such. (is that how you spell that?) Your kids would have a blast with them and they are super easy to take care of.