Baby Girl!

Brian and I had an ultrasound today and got to see our little Panda Bear. It was a very exciting experience. The tech measured all of her organs, we got to see her heart beating away and all her little limbs wiggling around. Then we got the view, The Panda Bear is definitely a girl! I was pretty shocked, as I had been thinking that she was a boy. My Mom and Grandma guessed it right though. 

After the ultrasound we went out for breakfast to talk about our little girl. Then we headed over to Babies r Us, which has every baby necessity and then some. We had fun scanning things onto our registry. I'm sure that we will change and update it throughout the next few months, but it was fun to pick out cute things for our little girl.  

That's all I've got for tonight, I have to get up super early for work.

Panda Bear Fact- Did you know that baby panda's have to be cuddled or they will die?! When Brian and I started dating he starting calling me his panda bear since I loved to cuddle. We have now passed on the name our baby girl. 


jennifer said...

How sweet. Congratulations!!!

Lauren said...

I am so excited that Pandabear is a little girl! I know she will be just as sweet and beautiful as her mama! Can't wait to see you Saturday!!