Julia update...

Brian and I spent the entire day at the hospital yesterday, it was pretty exhausting. I had my regularly scheduled appointment with Dr.Guy (who I love!) I have gained 1 pound, my blood pressure is still low and Julia's heartbeat sounds great. He talked a little bit about possibly inducing me at 38 weeks, due to my belly not growing as much as they would like. Apparently there was no change in my belly measurements from my last appointment.

After that we were sent to Perinatal Partners to get another growth scan ultrasound. We found out that Julia has her head down near my right hip and is facing my back. The tech measured all of her little bones and listened to the blood flow through the umbilical cord. She was also able to show us that Julia has hair on her head! She left and went to show Dr.McKenna the results, he came back in and said that he would like me to immediately go next door to get a non-stress test. The NST measures Julia's activity and heart rate and how the correspond. It was fun watching her heart rate jump every time she moved. The tech said that I had a "wild child", which I have been saying all along. She must like to dance! During the NST Brian had to run home to take care of Bella and make sure that she had her medicine, since we weren't planning on being gone that long we hadn't arranged for anyone to stop by and take care of her. I ate at the hospital and waited for him to return for our birth class.

We had a fun time at the class this week. The focus was on relaxation and breathing. We got to sit on yoga balls, get massages, smell some wonderful essential oils and lay on bean bag chairs. Kim did some fun exercises with us and really got us in the mindset of working together with our husbands or coaches. Needless to say we were relaxed and ready for bed by the time we left.

The fun doesn't stop there...this morning one of my midwives called and said that they had all reviewed my ultrasound and NST. The results show that my amniotic fluid is low, so I'll have to get a test every week to measure that.

So this means every week I'll be going to my regular midwife appointment, visiting perinatal partners to  get a growth ultrasound, getting my amniotic fluid measured (called an "AFI") and going in twice a week for the non-stress test. I'm thinking that I might as well just pack my sleeping bag and spend the night there! 
This is going to be a long few weeks...and baby Julia may just want to arrive early. All of this on top of Bella's recovery and trying to work a few more days is making things quite chaotic. But I guess I better get used to chaos, life as we know it is about to change! Looking forward to my 2nd baby shower this weekend, then Brian and I will know what else we need to get to better prepare for our little Panda Bear. 

35 weeks and 2 days pregnant, 33 days to go. (could be even less, eek!)


Melinda said...

Time is flying by. She'll be here before you know it! Good thing the baby shower is this weekend, you don't have much time left!

Lauren said...

I am sorry that more stress has been added to your plate! You are one tough cookie and are doing great. Even if your birth plan gets altered, you still end up with a beautiful baby to take home. I'm praying for you and little Julia!