Homemade baby food

Our little man is growing up, and with that comes the introduction to something besides breast milk and formula...real food! Introducing your baby to food can be exciting and scary. There are so many different brands and types of baby foods out there. Jarred meats and stage numbers are confusing-and gross looking!

If you haven't shopped for baby food then you don't know how costly it can be. Simple purees can cost .75 for a mere 2.5 ounces! Baby food is such a simple thing to make. I am the first to admit that I am not a cook, but knowing what is going into my precious babies' mouths is important to me. So, I put on my apron and channel my inner Diane Keaton ala "Baby Boom." (Am I the only twenty something that is obsessed with this movie?)

We choose to feed our children organic fruits and vegetables. Brian and I feel like limiting the exposure to chemicals and pesticides is the best choice for our family. If you haven't switched to organic fruits and vegetables, you can start by switching out conventional produce in the "Dirty Dozen".

Step One: Get your helpers ready. AKA- Strap your toddler into her high chair and fill her plate with lots of yummy foods to keep her busy.

Step Two: Bake or steam your fruits and veggies. Today I baked sweet potatoes and put apples and pears into the crock pot. I find the crock pot method to be very easy. I simply cut up the fruit, cover with water and turn on high for around 3 hours or until it is soft.

Step Three: Puree! I use a small Cuisinart food processor. There are all sorts of appliances that you can use to puree your fruits and veggies. I like the mini processor because it will see me past baby food making and be a useful kitchen appliance for many years.

Step Four: Pour pureed baby food into tray for freezing. I have a lidded tray made by OXO that I bought of of amazon. Once the cubes have frozen I pop them out into freezer bags and label them with the contents and date. FYI-Sweet potatoes and squash look very similar, so unless you like feeding your baby mystery vegetables I suggest labeling everything.

And there you have it...easy peasy! Happy baby food making.

Resources that I use. www.wholesomebabyfood.com and the book titled, " Cooking For Baby" by Lisa Barnes


Mama Swears said...

Those are some cuuuuute kiddos! I need a food processor before my next baby because I would love to make my own baby food. Earth's Best is good stuff, but you're right--it's expensive!

I'm your new follower (GFC krishackney) from the Green Mama Blog Hop, and I'd love for you to follow me back at my new blog (not Mama Needs a Nap) at Mamaswears.com! Thanks! :)

Lauren said...

It is crazy how easy it is! I am going to try your crockpot method for apples and pears. I bet plums and peaches could be done that way too.

Gracie said...

Great blog! Following you from the Green Mama Blog hop...hope you will HOP back and follow me!

Quick question, what about when they get to toddler phase? Do you do certain proteins? I find my 18 month old far prefers the pureed stuff...but I just feel like she needs more than just fruits and veg

Megan said...

Gracie- good question. Julia is 19 months old and eats everything!
if your kiddo still likes purees, beans are a great protein source. You can puree them or just smoosh them up. Julia eats them as is, but in her younger days we would make hummus with chickpeas and a little bit of lemon juice. She loves it on toast and crackers. We have also had success with lentils. They are small and easier to digest for little ones. If you have introduced peanut butter, you can make a nice protein rich smoothie. Blend a banana, spinach, peanut butter and milk. It comes out green and the kids love it! Hope that helps a bit. :)

mangocheeks said...

When I become a Mama, this is something I so much want to do - make them their own food.x