Tried It!

Brian and I have been using these reusable produce bags for about a year now, they are great! I saw these bags in Yellow Springs during their semi-annual street fair last June and I had to have some. I was able to bargain with the seller and score two big bags for 5 bucks, go me!

The large net bags hold all of our fruits and veggies during a grocery trip, making it unnecessary to use several of those obnoxious plastic baggies available at the store. (Seriously what can you reuse these for, they are pretty useless!) Of course the check out people always look at me like a crazy lady when I pile my mixed bag of fruit on the conveyor belt, but I don't mind. I actually kind of like being different, maybe the baggers and clerks talk about me when I leave, "Crazy, organic-buying, bag lady freak!" ha!

Anyways, I highly recommend the Eco-Bags. They are easy to use, hold a ton of fruits/veggies, easy to carry, and of course they help keep those darn plastic baggies out of the landfills. You can order from the Eco bags website or even try your hand at making your own.


Melody Kingsley said...

I was just at Tom's Market in YS and pulled down a plastic produce bag and felt a little strange about the whole thing :) I followed the link to this bag but it was sold out. I will check back soon!