Panda Bear update

Yesterday we had our monthly appointment with our Midwife. Brian was taking bets on how much weight I gained in the last month. He was off by 3 pounds! Although I feel like I've gained a ton, I only gained 3.5 pounds this month. That means that I've gained 7 pounds so far. I'm pretty happy with that. I basically eat all day long.
Cat showed me where my uterus is and how to feel it. It is right under my belly button and will continue to move up as the months pass. We also were able to hear The Panda Bear's heartbeat! It was beating away at 150 bpm. I love that sound!
After that excitement we discussed the glucose tolerance test and my thoughts on it. We decided that before next months appointment I'll check my blood sugar at home twice. One fasting and one after a big meal. If all is well I won't have to drink 50 grams of pure glucose, labeled "glucola." YUCK!

In other good news The Panda Bear has been kicking me non-stop. The most predictable time to be able to feel some swift kicks is after dinner. Usually around 6:30. Brian was even able to feel some kicks, I think he was surprised at how strong they were.

Last good thing to report: We scored an excellent deal on an Arm's Reach co-sleeper on craigslist. It is a bassinet that can be used up to 24 pounds. The cool thing about the co-sleeper is that one side comes down and attaches to your bed. I think that I'll like being able to reach over and touch/see the Panda Bear in those early months. I'm hoping that it will make night time nursing that much easier as well. Brian and I are pretty set about keeping the baby in our room as long as possible, I guess we'll find out once he/she gets here!

6 more days and we'll know if we have a boy panda or girl panda growing inside of me-we can't wait!!!


Melinda said...

Megan, that co-sleeper sounds great!