Evolution of a baby belly!

Brian and I cannot express how happy we are to welcome the Panda Bear into our lives. We certainly weren't expecting this, but we are beyond thankful.
On November 6th, 2008 I woke up as usual and went on with my morning. I made a cup of hot chocolate, then sat at the computer to read my emails before getting ready for work that afternoon. Not long after I had finished the cup of cocoa, I knew it was coming back up.
Now, I cannot remember the last time that I have thrown up-but I do remember that it is not fun. I ran towards the bathroom crying and screaming at Brian to "Come quick, I'm getting sick!" He jumped out of the bedroom and into the bathroom just in time to see me toss my cookies, or cocoa rather, into the bathroom sink. Such a trooper he held my hair back and splashed cold water on my face.
I took it easy the rest of the day, getting someone to take my shift at work, and resting in front of the television. Later that day it sorta dawned on Brian. I had felt fine after my morning sickness and all I could think about was a butterfinger. We went to CVS, picked up a butterfinger and a pregnancy test and rushed home. I ripped open the little stick, promptly read the instructions and peed on the thing. Before I could even get up it had a huge plus sign on it. Brian was waiting near by and as soon as I said his name in a wobbly voice he came in. We looked at the stick in shock, then to the instruction booklet. Back and forth, trying to take it all in. The plus sign was certainly there.
We both started crying and hugged each other for what felt like days. "Wow, we are going to have a baby. We are going to be parents. Are we ready for this? How in world are we going to afford a child? What will our parents think?" With these kind of thoughts running through our heads you would think that we were un-wed teenage lovers, when in fact we had just celebrated our first wedding anniversary. Brian will be 28 and I'll be 25 when the Panda Bear arrives. We have a great house with a huge backyard and plenty of room for children to play.
We can say with confidence that we cannot wait to add to our family. Seventeen weeks into the pregnancy and I cannot imagine it any other way. Brian talks to the Panda Bear every day, singing songs and teaching him/her all about life in the outside world. I couldn't imagine a better husband or father. We are very blessed.

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Jill said...

How exciting! Reading your post reminds me of when we were pregnant with Anna Belle. Cherish every moment. :o)

Anonymous said...

It is such an exciting and special time. I really am so very happy for you and Brian.